I can custom build display cases and cabinets to meet your requirements.  As long as you donít mind the use of Lucite Plexiglas as the shipping companies I deal with do not allow me to use real glass.  If you require real glass I can build it and you will have to have the glass installed locally.


Here is a display box I made for showing off an Arrowhead Collection.  If you collect Arrowheads why not display them in and Arrowhead shaped box?  

Here is one I designed for wall mounting.


One customer was kind enough to send in a photo of the case in use.


Made from Western Red Cedar.  It measurers approximately 18 1/2" X 25".  Please excuse the term "approximate"  as each one is hand made and hand finished so there may be slight discrepancies in size.


A friend of ours collects shot glasses and wanted a case to display them.  This one holds 50 shot glasses.


Here is an example of a Rectangular Arrowhead Case I made for a customer.  He was kind enough to provide a picture with his collection in it.  These can be made to just about any size you would like.

Here is one made from Western Red Cedar


Here, a display for a collection of Duck Calls


Here are a couple of examples of a display case I made called a "Cueing Case" currently being used in an Alzheimer's Unit.

Placed by the resident's door and with items the resident selects placed in them, they assist in the person being able to find his/her own room by themselves.  I shipped them plain wood and Plexiglas and the Staff, some volunteers and I suspect a few residents painted them.




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